Cratejoy Seller Platform Release Notes



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    Updates and New Features

    [New Icon to indicate marketplace purchases] Previously - you’d see a blue checkmark on customers & purchases that were placed on the Marketplace. We’ve changed this icon to a purple shopping tag


    [Added Title Tags to pages in the merchant dashboard] We’ve now added titles to each page in the merchant portal. Now - as you navigate around the dashboard, your browser tab will tell you which page you’re on within Cratejoy!


    Bug Fixes and Optimizations

    [Fixed ‘All’ filter within the Subscription Cycle filters] Clicking ‘All’ on the Subscription Cycle filter on the Subscriptions page previously would show an error. We’ve fixed this now so you can view all subscriptions regardless of your subscription cycle.

    [Using “Add Shipment” tool now deducts inventory from one-time products] If you use the Add Shipment tool to add a shipment of a one-time product that has inventory tracking turned on, it will now deduct that from the existing inventory.

    [What we affectionately call the “spinning crate of death” is now gone on long lodaing list-views] If any of the list-views in the merchant portal (e.g. subscriptions, customers, shipments) timed out or failed to return data, the “spinning crate” loading screen would just stay there forever. Now it stops and shows an error state from where you can easily refresh it and try again.


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