How to add a cutoff window countdown to your theme




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    Thank you for this great script. I am using it for a subscription service, which I will launch in March.

    The script worked great until the new year started and it showed that the shop will open in 2 months, however after the new year started, it shows the cut off day of the current month.

    Is there any fix to this bug?

    Thank you and Best Regards

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    Pratik Khadloya

    How do we remove the minutes and seconds?

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    Chris Hinson

    Just FYI - if you're using a Mac, it's not so specific how to create a .js file.  Normally, JS files work fine with simply .txt, but if needed, you can download TextWrangler (free) or a similar text editing program and copy/paste into a new file and rename it .js.

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    Justin Rumley (Edited )


    I got it to work but would like to know how to suppress the seconds and also set it to a weekly schedule since I ship each week. 

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    Saar Drimer

    I'm also wondering how to configure it so it doesn't display seconds and/or minutes. Tried a bunch of things and consulted without success. Any pointers?

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    Dale Flink

    I've loaded the code, but when I look at it on my site now instead of a time it's just saying (loading), and it never loads a time. What did I do wrong? :( Also, how do I customize the font, size, color, ect?

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