How do I move subscribers to a new product?




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    Benjamin B

    I believe there is a mistake with the programming on this procedure. A customer of ours changed the package she was on (different price). This means that next renewal she will be switched. However, when I view our list of subscriptions, it shows her as the NEW plan. When we package our boxes, we are going to see her on the WRONG plan, not the plan she has actually paid for this month. I'm not sure if anyone has brought this to your attention but it is a glaring issue that needs to be resolved. If a customer purchases a $10 plan today, then immediately switched to a $150 plan, your software will show me I need to send her the $150, even though she hasn't paid for that this month. She won't be billed for that until NEXT month. Please let me know when this will be corrected.

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    Luca Masters

    Hi Benjamin,

    The subscription will show her updated product selection, but all existing shipments will still be for the original product. If you're seeing something different, please email with details so we can look into it.

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